Child Neglect at Daycare

Is your child being neglected at daycare? Do you want to know your legal options?

Parents around the country entrust their children to daycare centers. These places help keep kids occupied during the course of the day with educational and social activities. The sad fact is that more and more children are being abused in these centers, something that can lead to serious immediate as well as long term consequences.

It’s estimated that more than 30,000 children all over the country receive treatment in emergency rooms every year as a result of the abuse that they face in a daycare setting.

Daycare Neglect: A Definition

Child neglect is a form of abuse which is unfortunately prevalent in daycare centers. Simply put, day care neglect refers to the mistreatment of a child or a deficit in meeting his or her daily needs such as providing healthcare, supervision, nutrition, or other needs. When a child is left under the care of a daycare center, it is the responsibility of the staff in the facility to ensure that all children receive their basic needs at all times.

Signs of neglect may be subtle or overt. Here are a few things to watch out for:

  1. Your child is hungry or thirsty every time he or she comes home from daycare. This could point to the fact that daycare workers are not providing them with adequate nourishment as needed.
  2. Your child is found outside the facility when they should be indoors. This may not be obvious to you unless you speak with your child or observe other children when you come to pick your child up.
  3. Your child has frequent altercations with other children, leading to scars welts and bites on his or her body.  This could signal neglect since properly supervised children generally do not have the opportunity to get into drawn-out fights.
  4. Your child catches infections on a regular basis; this could mean that the daycare center doesn’t have health measures in place such as clean bathrooms, infectious disease protocols or proper protection to help separate healthy children from sick ones.

Daycare Workers and Responsibility

Daycare workers and management are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of each and every child. Neglect usually points to issues such as inadequate staffing and lack of both proper nutrition and supervision. If left unchecked, neglect can impact many children down the line, stunting their growth on a physical and emotional level. If not just for the sake of your own child, know that the results of these claims can have a positive effect on many children in the future.

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