Child Punished at Day Care

The suspicion of daycare abuse is nerve-racking for every parent. Changes in your child’s behavior, sudden and unexplained injuries, or your child’s stories about their experiences at daycare may all point to possible abuse.

If you’re concerned after reviewing the warning signs of abuse, it may be time to investigate. There are several mechanisms to begin your investigation. Start first with a trip to your child’s doctor and address your concerns. Medical doctors are trained to spot signs of abuse, and may be able to shed light on the situation.

Second, talk to the parents of other children at the facility. Are they noticing the same patterns you are? Be open and frank with other parents. Vigilance is best achieved in groups, and if abuse is rampant, other parents may have noticed the same things you have.

Third, if daycare abuse or neglect is still suspected, it’s time to report it. Most states require reporting suspected child abuse, and maintain separate daycare reporting mechanisms for daycare and childcare facilities. See this page for a full rundown on how and where to file an official daycare abuse report.

Once reported, the state will immediately commence an investigation into the facility. This investigation can be difficult on the family, and it is strongly recommended that the family take on legal representation during this time. Inquiries into the child’s behavior, family life, daycare experiences, medical records will be necessary, and an experienced daycare abuse lawyer can smooth this process to inflict as little emotional turmoil on the family as possible.

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