Physically Harmed at Daycare

Do you suspect your child has been physically abused by a daycare worker?

Physically Harmed at Daycare
Physical Abuse at Daycare

Daycare centers provide a vital service to both parents and children. These centers usually have caregivers who are tasked with the responsibility of keeping children safe for a certain amount of time. However, things don’t always go as we hope. Daycare abuse is a growing problem in America and the most effective way to prevent future abuse is to take them to court and hit them in the pocketbook.

Physical abuse can be defined as any type of abuse which inflicts bodily harm on an individual. This may cause injuries on the child’s body; some of these may be temporary or permanent. Because of the dangers associated with physical abuse, you as a parent need to be vigilant to ensure that your child is kept safe at all times.

Here are some physical indicators of child physical abuse:

  1. Large welts, bumps or red areas on skin.
  2. Missing tufts of hair which may be due to the child’s hair being pulled by an abuser.
  3. Sore bottom or talk of being spanked.
  4. Bruising on the wrists, arms, or torso.
  5. Any injuries which form a pattern on a child’s body; this may point to the fact that the child was attacked using an object such as a buckle, paddle or even a hand.

Behavioral indicators of child physical abuse may not be evident at first; however, if your child’s behavior seems odd, chances are there might be something inappropriate happening at the daycare center.

Here are a couple of behavioral indicators of daycare abuse:

  1. Aggressive behavior such as beating up other children or pets indiscriminately.
  2. Fear of going to daycare / making excuses not to go.
  3. Flinching when touched unexpectedly or when an arm is raised.
  4. Feelings of guilt or that they deserve to be punished.
  5. Poor concentration or memory.
  6. Display of affection-seeking behavior.

These signs should never be ignored, and it falls on you to recognize when something may be wrong. A recent report pointed to the fact that there are 176 confirmed cases of abuse in Texas every single day. At the same time, 7 children are abused and neglected every hour in Texas. These damning statistics only prove that you need to do everything you can in your power to prevent or report these kinds of cases.

If you suspect your childcare center of being physically abusive to your child, you should alert the necessary authorities as well as get speak with a daycare abuse lawyer as soon as possible – we’ll tell you exactly what steps you need to take. We’ve dealt with child abuse cases and have a team of dedicated attorneys who can help you and your family get compensation to help cover hospital and therapy costs for your child. Please contact us today at 1-877-403-9378 and let us help you.