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A daycare abuse incident got a worker fired and has her facing charges of child neglect. The story, featured on WTRV detailed how a nine-year-old boy, who was not being supervised at the time, ended up abusing two other children at the daycare while a daycare worker’s back was turned and she was on the phone.

The child ended up biting one child and then slamming his head into his lap, making the child throw up. The second child that the nine-year-old abused was only 23 months old. He shook the child and then back kicked the child twice.

This was all caught on surveillance. The father of the abused children picked up his children and, around 20 minutes later, he came back to the daycare center. He asked the children which child had struck his children and the other children gave him the wrong child. That parent then struck that wrong child.


Surveillance is a necessity at daycare centers and some of the most high profile daycare abuse cases have been discovered because surveillance footage showed the abuse going on. In this case, it wasn’t only the daycare worker who was responsible for the abuse, the father played a role in it, as well, considering that he came back to the daycare and struck the child. While his rage at his children having been abused is understandable, retaliating by striking a child – not even the right child, in fact – is certainly not excusable, either.

Security at Daycare Centers

If you have a child daycare center, do take the time to make certain that surveillance is in place. In cases where daycare abuse becomes a problem, it may become incredibly important for gathering evidence about the abuse and for going after the people responsible.

Note that this case also reveals that being neglectful in one’s duties to children as a daycare worker can be a form of abuse. The nine-year-old bully in the story would’ve never been able to have gotten away with what he did had the daycare worker been paying attention. This would’ve prevented the entire situation from developing at all, in all likelihood.

A good daycare center does not mind having methods in place to keep an eye on what’s going on. In fact, a good daycare center will advertise this fact to parents so that they know their children are as safe as possible.

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