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Some people try to save a bit of money by taking their child to a daycare facility that is run out of someone’s home. Unfortunately, many of these daycare facilities are bad situations just waiting to happen. Most of the time, they’re not going to be properly licensed and they will operate below the board, which is something that is never a good situation on the face of it.

1: Accountability

When a daycare facility is properly licensed, they are subject to inspections and other measures to ensure that they’re living up to their obligations to the children and parents that they count as clients. They also have to live up to regulations governing how any employees at the facility are licensed and checked in terms of their backgrounds. Of course, these facilities may not have any employees, which is a problem in and of itself.

2: Access Control

A professional daycare facility, a good one, will take measures to ensure that there is some control over who comes in and out of the facility on any given day. There will be sign-in sheets for visitors, security equipment and employees will all be background checked. A home daycare facility will have none of these controls and that means that you have no real way of knowing who has access to your children during the day.

3: Training

Raising a family doesn’t mean that you’re qualified to look after other people’s children. In fact, your skills will be specialized to deal with the needs of your own children. Some children have different needs and, even when they just have different temperaments, this can mean that the work of caring for them is significantly different between one and the next. You need to be sure that the people caring for your children are trained, qualified and licensed staff to be sure that they attend to all the children’s needs.

It’s not a good idea to rely on home daycare facilities. In some cases, however, even the largest and most well-regulated daycare facilities fail. If your child has been harmed because of daycare negligence, hiring a daycare abuse attorney may be the best option. A real daycare facility has obligations to the parents and the children who constitute its customers and, when they fail in some way, they may be liable for damages. Filing a lawsuit could result in a jury award or a settlement.

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