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Like all forms of abuse, there are different varieties that are seen in daycare facilities. Some daycare facilities are run by abusers and some have no idea that they have an abuser on staff. Because there is so much variety among the types, it’s important to understand a bit about them. Three of the most common types of abuse in daycare facilities follow.


Daycare neglect is a particularly insidious form of abuse because it’s hard to detect. A child may not be changed all day, for instance, but then be cleaned up and ready to go by the time the parents arrive. Children may spend most of their day being bored and without any real interaction and, because this type of abuse leaves no physical marks, it’s hard t

o spot. Sometimes, children are injured because they’re not supervised properly, and this is sometimes a tip off that neglect is going on.

Physical and Sexual Abuse

These types of abuse are usually spotted when the abuser leaves marks. The child may have bruises, swelling, cuts or other signs that they have been struck or sexually assaulted by a staff member. This type of abuse, however, can go on for a long time without being appar

ent if the abuser doesn’t leave any marks on the child. If your child suddenly seems timid and afraid that they’re going to be struck, it’s reason to suspect that something is going on. Remember that children sometimes physically abuse one another and, of course, the daycare facility should be preventing that from happening and may be negligent if they aren’t.

Psychological Abuse

One of the most scarring types of abuse leaves no physical marks. This type of abuse may take the form of bullying or berating from the staff members or from other children at the daycare facility. There are signs you can watch out for that indicate that this type of abuse may be a factor.

If your child seems depressed or to have lost their confidence, be sure to ask them if something is going on. They may also become aggressive, start using inappropriate language or start bullying other children themselves. Remember that daycare workers are authority figures to children, so children will generally view anything those workers do as appropriate because of that.

If your child suddenly develops anxiety about going to the facility, take that as a warning sign. When it’s specific to going to daycare and when it’s unexpected, something may be very wrong.

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