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A Tampa Bay home daycare owner was arrested yesterday, April 3, 2008, on charges of aggravated child abuse of a 6-month old who was in her care.

Though her story is inconsistent and patchy, 40-year-old La Ong Parks called 911 March 19 when the young boy stopped breathing after he “toppled over backwards and hit his head on a toy” and it knocked him unconscious. Doctors at the hospital where the child was treated said his injuries do not reflect Parks’ description of what happened. Luckily, the boy has fully recovered.

This is not always the case, though. What is happening to our children when we’ve closed the door behind us and left them in the care of someone we thought we could trust?

Do you suspect your child has been abused while in day care? Contact our day care abuse attorneys to discuss your legal options.

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