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Benadryl Daycare Drugging

Daycare abuse is a serious enough problem on its own, but when you add the practice of sedating children with Benadryl® (or other drugs/antihistamines), it becomes a much more-serious problem.

This practice can easily lead to serious injuries or the wrongful death of a child, yet we see these claims and related news reports on a pretty regular basis, even today.

Giving Children Benadryl is Child Abuse

Many unscrupulous (and uncaring) daycare employees have resorted to extreme measures when it comes to handling “rowdy” children. From screaming at kids to physically abusing them—even to drugging them—we’ve seen it all. We’ve even handled a case where a child was duct-taped to his nap mat by a daycare worker.

Giving non-prescribed drugs to children, infants and toddlers can lead to a variety of problems that include allergic reactions, overdoses, and various adverse health conditions. While this act might not seem like a big deal to the abuser, in the hands of someone who does not have the knowledge about the medication, the proper dosage, and most importantly, the full health history of the child to whom they are administering the medication, it can be deadly.

A daycare worker using Benadryl (or other similar drugs) in order to sedate children under their care or get them to go to sleep during nap time is a crime; plain and simple. Additionally, the family of the abused child may have a valid civil claim (lawsuit) against the daycare facility in order to recover compensation for their related losses and damages. To speak with an attorney about your case, please call Rasansky Law Firm today at 1-877-403-9378.

Newsworthy Cases Involving Benadryl and Daycare Employees

  1. An eight-month old child died as the result of an unlicensed childcare worker giving him an adult dose of Benadryl in order to put him to sleep. There were no outward signs of abuse, so the parents were shocked when the babysitter was arrested on charges of child endangerment and murder.
  2. A daycare in Oklahoma came under investigation last summer when one of the employees became uncomfortable when she noticed other employees giving Benadryl to children under less than a year old. After speaking with her parents, they made the decision to contact the Child Welfare Department who asked the sheriff’s office to conduct a criminal investigation. As a result of the investigation, the owner is facing charges of criminal child abuse.
  3. A daycare worker in Connecticut was arrested and accused of causing the death of an infant by giving him toxic amounts of Benadryl. The 4-month old boy died on March 22, 2016 after he was discovered unresponsive at an unlicensed daycare. He was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Originally reports suggested the infant died of sudden infant death syndrome, but the chief medical examiner later determined the baby died of acute diphenhydramine intoxication (Benedryl overdose).

These are only three cases of children who have died as a result of receiving Benadryl in daycare environments, but a simple Google search will reveal many more.

If you believe your child is being given Benadryl while at day care, our office may be able to take on your case for no cost to you. We take all daycare abuse cases on contingency, meaning we never charge a fee unless we actually win your family compensation. Call our office at 1-877-403-9378 to speak with one of our experienced daycare abuse lawyers today.

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