Daycare abuse occurs all too often and, in many cases, it could have been avoided. If you’re assessing a daycare for your child, you should make sure of the following before you sign your child up or pay a dime for services from the daycare provider.

They Are Licensed

Some of the worst instances of daycare abuse occur at unlicensed facilities. These facilities are not inspected by the state, they’re not checked to ensure that all their staff are adequately trained and licensed and, in realty, you’re never aware of what you’re getting. Paradoxically, many parents who wouldn’t by a car without a detailed history of any accidents or services it’s had will send their child to a daycare about which they know nothing other than they like the provider personally. Never use an unlicensed daycare. It’s simply too great a risk and you don’t really know where your child is going to spend their day.

Are the Facilities Safe?

Tour the facility. Look for signs of danger such as places where children could be isolated, a lack of security cameras and other potential risks. Pay attention to how hard it is to get to the children if you’re coming in the front door unannounced. Pay attention to whether or not you can see the children when you walk in the door. You shouldn’t be able to.

Their Record

Check news sources to see if the daycare you’re considering has had any legal issues in the past. Most of the time, instances where daycare centers get in some kind of hot water end up making the news rather quickly. This isn’t a surefire way to check the safety of a daycare center, but its one more resource that you can use to make a good assessment.

The Staff

Talk to the staff a bit. Try to get an idea of whether or not they’re happy with their jobs and whether or not they really love children. Some daycare workers have many children of their own and, understandably, many parents find this to be a good sign.

If something seems off about a daycare center to you, follow your instincts. Even if you cannot figure out what seems not quite right, it’s just better to go somewhere else and not have the worry nagging at the back of your thoughts while your child is at daycare.

Attorneys can offer daycare abuse legal help if a daycare does prove to be abusive.

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