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A daycare owner in Dansville, NY was recently arrested in conjunction with an investigation into daycare abuse.

According to Dansville Online, the investigation involved Child and Protective Services and revealed that the woman allegedly left the children without supervision while she went to a fast food restaurant. In the article, the police credit a tip for leading them to find out about the situation.

Daycare Abuse

Abuse in daycare facilities doesn’t always involve physical, psychological or sexual abuse. In some cases, the abuse actually involves the daycare workers, owners or other staff not attending to the children as they’re obligated to. These cases can be just as dangerous to the children, as the children may end up being injured or otherwise coming to harm because of the lack of supervision.

Finding out about daycare abuse can be difficult. In this case, for instance, the children were only found out to have been abused because someone tipped the police off. It’s possible for some abusive facilities to get away with this kind of conduct for a long time in the absence of someone paying attention to what’s going on. Sometimes, the parents of the children at the facility end up reporting the abuse, sometimes staff members do and sometimes it’s discovered in the course of regular inspections.

One of the worst types of scenarios involves situations where the children are trying to report that something is going on but where they are not listened to. This can create a great deal of trauma for them, as their voice is taken away and because they may end up being abused for a very long time without anyone knowing about it, even though they’re trying to let the adults around them know about the situation.


Daycare facilities are obligated to provide competent, effective supervision and care for the children they take in. They also have to follow very strict state guidelines about supervision, the number of staff members per child and meet other requirements. When they do follow these rules, daycare facilities can be wonderful places for children. When they do not, they can become places where children are put at risk of life and limb. If your child was injured due to daycare negligence, contact an attorney. Filing a lawsuit is sometimes the best way for your family to get compensated for your damages, the wrong that was done to your child and any injuries your child suffered.

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