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There are literally thousands of daycares all across the country. Although daycare abuse is rampant throughout these centers, there are state and federal laws that can help you combat daycare abuse. The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act help supply states with funds to support the prevention, investigation, prosecution, and treatment for children and their families. They also supply grant money to nonprofit organizations and public agencies for various projects and programs.

Are there ways to tell if a child is abused in a daycare?

Whether victims are emotionally, physically, or sexually abused, there are several ways to determine daycare abuse.

There may be behavioral changes that can be detected. Here are some examples of daycare abuse signs:

  • Emotional – Avoiding affection, displays more affection than normal, extreme behavior changes, child appears to talk less.
  • Physical – Excessive crying or fighting when entering the daycare center, bruises, abrasions, burn marks, broken or fractured bones, bite marks, and reoccurring injuries.
  • Sexual – Pain, bleeding, bruised or itching signs around genital areas, trouble with walking or sitting, unwillingness to remove clothing (especially in warm climates), unusual interest in wearing extra clothing, unusual sexual actions, questions, or comments.

What should be done if I suspect daycare abuse?

Discuss the issue together with your spouse. After comparing notes with your spouse, talk with other parents whose child attends the daycare. If you still detect daycare abuse, contact your local child protection services agency and take the child to a doctor for an expert opinion.

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