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Denver Police said they began investigating 31-year-old Johnny Duran last week when allegations were made involving inappropriate touching of a child at the Auraria Early Learning Center in Denver, Colorado. Investigators do not know if more children are involved. Duran worked as a student aide at the daycare for the past year-and-a-half. He has not been formally been charged, but is being held in jail.

About 300 children, from age one to five or six attend the center. The Auraria Early Learning Center serves the students, faculty and staff of the Auraria campus that includes the Auraria Higher Education Center, Community College of Denver, Metropolitan State College of Denver and University of Colorado Denver. Things to look for that could indicate daycare abuse:

  • Changes in behavior or extreme mood swings.
  • Changes in bed-wetting, nightmares, fear of going to bed, or other sleep disturbances.
  • Acting out inappropriate sexual activity or showing an unusual interest in sexual matters. o Sudden acting out of feelings, or aggressive or rebellious behavior.
  • Regression to infantile behavior or clinging.
  • School problems, behavior problems.
  • Changes in toilet-training habits.
  • Fear of certain places, people, or activities; an excessive fear of going to the day care center.

For more information visit the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center. If you suspect your child has been abused, contact our firm for a free review of your case.

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