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KSAT reports that a married couple have both been charged with child abuse related to their foster children. The wife in the couple was a daycare owner. The husband has been charged with not reporting the abuse even though he knew it was going on. The abuse was allegedly visited upon three adopted children. According to the report, the children were forced to sleep in the shower, were physically abused and were forced to eat sticks of butter.

The report details that the daycare owner was found out by one of her own employees. The employee noticed that the children refused to eat. The youngest child was brought to the hospital for a seizure and investigators at the hospital discovered bruising. The allegations of beating, biting and malnourishment were discovered in the course of an investigation.

No reports of abuse at the daycare center itself have been made as of yet.

Daycare Abuse and Owners

This is only one of the stories of a Texas daycare owner actually being accused of some sort of abuse to hit the news recently. A woman in Houston recently pled guilty to murder for the death of a child at her daycare. These incidents, of course, are terrifying to parents who bring their child to a daycare. There are things parents can do to keep themselves safer.

First, thoroughly investigate the reputation of a daycare center if you are considering bringing your child there. Make certain that they have not been the subject of any criminal complaints and make certain that everybody at the daycare who works with children is properly licensed. You will also want to make certain that any other workers at the daycare – janitors, bus drivers, etc. – are properly background checked to make certain that they are safe to be around children.

If you do find out that your child has been abused at a daycare, you need to contact the authorities immediately. You should also bring your child to a physician so that the abuse can be properly documented and investigated. Daycare abuse legal advocates may be able to help you file a civil lawsuit against the daycare facility to recover damages that could help pay for your child’s treatment, any mental counseling they need and any other expenses that were the direct result of the daycare abuse. There are good lawyers out there and it’s important to speak to them right away.

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