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Dallas Day Care Death

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A child’s death is every parent’s worst nightmare. You’re likely overcome with grief, shock and anger right now, and that is completely understandable and expected.

When such a tragedy occurs at the hands of those who were entrusted to protect and tale care of your child, you need to take action in order to hold accountable those responsible. Through your actions, you have the opportunity to force these centers to either close or make changes which will go a long way toward preventing children from being harmed in the future.

Criminal Law vs Civil Law

For the most part, the police get involved the minute a death occurs in a daycare center. While it’s possible that a child died due to no fault of the daycare staff, it is generally agreed that any death should be fully investigated to get to the truth of the matter. You need to understand though, that the police are only focused on criminal charges.

While the police conduct their investigation, it is your responsibility as the parent to reach out to a law firm to discuss your options for civil justice (i.e. a lawsuit). Doing so will not only make it possible for you to seek justice against those responsible for your child’s death, but will also provide your family with an opportunity to seek out money damages that can go a long way in easing the emotional pain and distress caused by the loss of a child. While we know it’s tough to think about seeking compensation at this point, you must understand that money is sometimes the best motivating factor in changing the way such a facility operates.

Why is this? Well, the police may charge an individual caretaker with a crime, but this does nothing to punish the daycare facility or motivate them to make sweeping safety improvements. If the daycare facility did not properly vet their hires or adequately train their employees, shouldn’t they also suffer the consequences?

In many cases, the district attorney may decline to file any criminal charges even when it’s clear that negligence led to the death of the child. You need to understand that criminal law is completely separate from civil law, and you may still absolutely have a valid civil claim against the daycare facility.

O.J. Simpson captured the attention of the media in the 90’s when he was accused of killing his wife. Despite the fact that he was acquitted of all criminal charges, civil charges were brought against him, resulting in a ruling that ordered him to pay the victim’s families $25 million. This is just an example to show how a civil claim is entirely separate from criminal charges.

Negligence May Play a Part

The death of a child at a daycare facility more often than not shows a certain level of negligence on the part of the institution’s management. When children are monitored round the clock, daycare attendants can spot anything that goes wrong within seconds and can initiate first aid or any other form of life-saving procedure, potentially saving an infant’s life.

Daycare centers are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that kids are kept safe at all times when they are in their premises. This includes making sure that they don’t stray from designated areas, they are kept away from bullies or other violent children, they are monitored via surveillance cameras when sleeping, and they are protected from abusive adults.

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