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When parents suspect daycare abuse and report it, there is sometimes a long process involved in finding out whether or not it occurred and to what extent. You can help authorities in investigating daycare abuse by being wary for the signs of it. Remember that some of these signs are ones that you’ll want help from a professional in confirming.


Make sure you get documentation of any injuries or other signs that your child may have been abused. For example, if they come home with bumps, bruises or bites, take them to the doctor right away. The doctor can document the injuries and, if they believe that it’s a sign that something very bad is going on, they may encourage you to report it. Don’t be afraid of being accused of abuse and let that stop you from reporting it. You may just be saving a child from being abused further.


If your child is acting strangely, make sure to pay close attention to why you believe that. For instance, if you see sudden changes in their personality, be studious about them. Are they suddenly depressed? Are they more timid than they used to be? Do they seem to be quite for inordinate amounts of time? Sometimes, the signs of abuse are primarily psychological. Watch out for personality changes and be sure you try to understand what’s really going on with them.

Ask Questions

Talk to your children about the conditions at a daycare, but don’t expect them to tell you everything if they’re being abused. They may have good reason not to. They may be under threats that you, your family’s pets or those they themselves will be harmed even worse if they say anything. It may take time for them to open up.

Don’t Go Off

If you suspect that someone has abused your child, the natural reaction is utter, uncontrollable and explosive rage. Don’t fall prey to this. The authorities are there to help you and they’ll handle it once you report it to them. It’s natural for any parent to feel urges to get revenge—even to the point of assaulting a suspected abuser or worse—but this will not help.

Pay attention to your child. Happily, it’s likely that your child will be safe and sound at a good daycare facility. If you suspect otherwise, however, take action, but take sensible, effective and legal actions to deal with the situation.

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