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 College Station Daycare Shut Down By Authorities

A College Station, Texas daycare and preschool center was recently shut down by authorities citing non-compliance of standards. Discoveryland Daycare, a popular daycare center in the community had its license revoked after only 6 months of operation.

Numerous Deficiencies

Daycare Shut Down
Daycare Shut Down

The daycare center was cited as having a number of safety deficiencies which could have jeopardized the safety of children under its care. Some of the violations included things like not buckling children in when transporting them to and from destinations. Other violations included children being present during altercations between adults as well as deficiencies in record keeping, infant care, nutrition and food care, and children group sizes.

Discoveryland daycare was first issued with a temporary 6 month license which was open to extension if standards were upheld after the end of the 6 months. Despite the fact that the daycare center got an extension, it was decided that they would not be offered a permanent license because they failed to meet minimum safety standards set by the state.

Discoveryland daycare has 15 days to request a review of this decision.  Alternatively, they could take out an injunction in District Court. If no action is taken after 45 days have elapsed, the license denial decision will be upheld indefinitely.

Discoveryland officials claim that they never received any notice of the closure and that they feel the closure was racially motivated. However, the fact remains that the center did not adhere to safety standards.

Putting Children At Risk Is Illegal and Wrong

Putting children at risk is the last thing that a daycare center should be doing given the fact that they are entrusted by parents to take care of their children for long periods of time. Cases of daycare abuse have far-reaching implications owing to the psychological and physical trauma that accompanies such occurrences. Children who experience abuse in such environments may grow up maladapted and permanently traumatized.

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