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When people think of daycare abuse, they usually think of scenarios where one of the adult workers is abusing the children. This is not always how daycare abuse happens. In some cases, negligence is more of a problem in terms of children being ignored than it is in terms of them being abused outright. In these cases, it’s not uncommon for the children to become their own worst enemies.

Negligence and Discipline

Any parent knows that children need a lot of guidance. Part of the function of a competent daycare facility is to provide a loving environment where the children do have enough structure to ensure that they are all safe. In situations where there is inadequate supervision, the children may start bullying one another. In some cases, this bullying can become excessively violent and may result in some of the smaller, weaker children being seriously injured.

It is a type of negligence when daycare workers do not intervene to help a child who is being bullied by their peers, When it happens over and over to the point where the child is being psychologically and physically abused by their own peers, the end result is the same as if a child was being abused by adults. Specifically, the child is in an environment where they are a victim and where they have nowhere safe to turn for shelter. This is just as emotionally disturbing as any other form of abuse.

If you have a child who suddenly seems withdrawn and afraid, there may be bullying going on. You may also get the sense that your child wants to tell you something but that they are too embarrassed to tell you or that they don’t know how to tell you. Sometimes, you have to be patient and understanding and let them take their time in letting you know what’s going on.

Pay particularly close attention to how the staff interacts with the children at the daycare center. If the children at the daycare center seem to genuinely like and respect the caregivers, it is a good sign. If the children seem like they are afraid of the caregivers or if the caregivers seem like they are more or less indifferent to the children, there may be something lacking in the facility. If you suspect that your child has been bullied and abused because of negligence on the part of the daycare facility, contact a daycare abuse attorney. A daycare abuse lawyer may be able to help you file a lawsuit.

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