Has your child suffered abuse at the hands of a daycare employee? You and your family may be owed compensation!

Filing a lawsuit against a daycare center is sometimes the best option that families have to get financial compensation that can help them to recover from the damages they suffered due to daycare negligence. While nothing can undo the damage already done, filing a lawsuit may result in your family recovering significant financial compensation. This can help with the expenses that you may face because of the abuse, including therapy costs, pain and suffering, medical costs, the costs of moving your child to a new facility, and lost wages.

Here are some things that you should know about going forward with one of these lawsuits.

Lawsuits Are Based on Negligence

Negligence will be the reason for any of the compensation you’re seeking. It may be the negligence that allows a child to be sexually, physically or psychologically abused at a daycare facility or it may be the type of negligence that results in children being injured because they’re unsupervised or inadequately cared for. Either way, your attorney will work hard to find out where negligence played a part in your child coming to harm and will go after those responsible for that negligence.

Damages Are Claimed for Many Reasons

Whatever medical injuries and expenses your family may have suffered, there are other damages that are added to lawsuits in most cases. These include damages for things such as mental anguish, pain and suffering and so forth. Your attorney will help you decide where these damages are appropriate or where they are not. They’re not added to all cases, but they are certainly justified in many cases where children are abused at daycare centers.

Criminal Charges Are Irrelevant

You can still go after the daycare provider in civil court if they’re convicted of a crime. If the daycare is owned by a company, you can go after them, too, in many cases. There’s no restriction on going after someone with a lawsuit simply because they’ve been convicted on criminal charges. In fact, it won’t hurt your case at all if they happen to be convicted of a crime in addition to being the target of a lawsuit over what they did.

Cases Take Time

Don’t expect the case to be resolved quickly. These cases can go on for some time and it may take years before you get a jury award or settlement. Be aware that it is possible that you won’t win, as well, even though you may feel completely justified in filing a lawsuit and legitimately owed the money you’re claiming from the daycare.

Be Prepared

If you’re considering filing a suit, it’s best to contact a daycare abuse law firm quickly. There are limitations on how long you can wait before filing a daycare abuse lawsuit. To make sure you’re not running up against a deadline, contact an attorney with experience in the field. Even if you decide not to file a lawsuit, it’s best to know how much time you have when you’re considering the option. An attorney can also tell you how you’ll need to go about putting your case together. One of the hardest parts is deciding on the amount of damages to seek.

It’s difficult to put the pain and suffering that families endure from daycare abuse into dollar figures. In order to file a suit, however, you have to present a figure. An attorney can help you to reach a figure by going through the particulars of your case and by looking that cases that have already been awarded. You can hire an attorney who works on contingency, which allows you to avoid paying any legal fees unless you actually win your claim by jury award or settlement.

Your attorney will clarify these issues and any other concerns you have when you call fro a free consultation. Remember to ask questions during your initial consultation!

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