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Child sexual abuse at daycare is a heinous crime. Because the abuser violates the trust of the parents, he or she deserves serious punishment. According to the law, if any professional person like a teacher, nurse or doctor knows or believes that a child has been sexually abused at daycare, then day care abuse charges can be filed.

The affects of sexual abuse are horrible. Not only is the victim’s health affected, but it can also lead to prolonged mental or emotional damage. Parents should be aware of the signs and symptoms of sexual abuse. It is important to know if your child is being sexually abused at daycare and take immediate action. Teach your child about sexual abuse, as well. Unfortunately, less than 30 percent of parents educate their kids about sexual abuse.

Here are five signs and symptoms of sexual abuse in daycare:

Physical Changes

Daycare child abuse victims experience significant physical changes. They become more concerned about the way they look in their adolescence. They start comparing their height and weight with their peers. This comparison sometimes leads to anxiety. They also feel neglected and seek attention from parents and friends.


Numbing is the most common symptom of sexual abuse. Although it has become a common problem among youngsters, doctors often link it to sexual abuse in daycare. Victims shut down their feelings and become oversensitive. This leads to depression and they experience numbing

Emotional Changes

If a person is sexual harassed during her childhood, she does not usually progress well emotionally compared to others of the same age. Parents must give extra attention to the child. Get in touch with a daycare abuse law firm that not just provides assistance on legal matters but also helps the child overcome the situation.

Sexual Changes

Affects of sexual abuse are generally noticed in adolescence. If a child is sexually abused at the age of say, six or seven, he starts recalling the day care abuse in adolescence or even later. It affects his sexual development. The abused individual may develop an unusual interest in sexual matters. An increase in sexual activity has also been observed in the victims of day care abuse.

Early Maturity

If child asks questions about life and tends to worry anxiously about the larger world, he or she may have gone through sexual abuse.  However, daycare negligence can also lead to such behavior.

Parents often blame themselves for daycare sexual abuse because they choose the daycare center for their child. Instead, they should contact a psychologist or counselor who can help the child get over the tragedy. Moreover, it is imperative to file a case against the accused. You can contact any daycare abuse lawyer who provides free evaluation of day care abuse cases.

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