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 Florida Daycare Center Gets DCF Shutdown Notice

The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) is threatening to shut down a day care situated in Winter Haven, Florida for allegedly violating child care practices. Some of the charges proffered against the center include forcing some of the children to go without food because they refused to eat fruits and vegetables as well as threatening children by telling them that they would be locked up with rats if they didn’t behave.

Center Fined

Cypress Oaks School
Cypress Oaks School

The center was charged $2,520 in fines but is still open. Parents who send kids to the center are divided regarding the reports of abuse. While some insist that the center is innocent given their good track record, others tell a different story. One Mr. Maurer said that he pulled his daughter out of the daycare center after these reports surfaced, saying that the problems at Cypress Oaks date back several years ago. However, a Mr. Damien Daniels states that the allegations are simply hearsay and that his family has never experienced problems with the daycare center in the 10 years that they have used their services.

DCF spokeswoman Kristi Gray said that the department rarely carries out such revocations, and the fact that they are planning to do this for Cypress Oaks means that this is a serious matter. In one instance, a child known to be suffering from a condition which affects his legs received no care or attention when he wanted his pull-up changed. He was also forced to sit in his own filth for the entire day. As a result, he went home with a diaper rash on multiple occasions.


Daycare abuse can cause both physical and psychological scarring. These investigations are instrumental in weeding out institutions which don’t follow the rules since they put the lives of young children in danger, both in the long and short term.

The daycare administration has countered these allegations saying that they have a right to due process and that the allegations are completely untrue. The director of the daycare stated that they are looking to appeal the state’s decision and that it would take a couple of months to resolve this issue.

These kinds of stories are unfortunately becoming too common. It’s important to encourage your child to be communicative and open to you since this will help you find out whether there are instances of child abuse happening at their daycare center. Please call us today at 1-877-403-9378  if you’d like expert legal help with your child abuse case. 

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