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Kindergarten Child Abused in Gladewater TX

GLADEWATER, TX — Former Gladewater ISD teacher Amanda Hickman is currently under investigation for allegedly causing 2nd-degree burns to a kindergarten student.

On May 18th, 2015, the Gladewater Police Department received a report of an incident regarding a child who was injured at school.

According to the victim’s mother, Tiffany Anderson, the six-year-old boy had permission to sit under his kindergarten teacher’s desk when he becomes agitated or antsy. During this incident, the boy was under the teacher’s desk and apparently had grabbed some candy from the teacher’s drawer. In response, Mrs. Hickman allegedly grabbed the child by his feet and dragged him out of the classroom, causing several second-degree friction burns to his back.

According to Gladewater Superintendent J.P. Richardson, “There was an incident. The person is no longer with us at this time in this district. It was an isolated incident. Safety is our number one priority. [The incident] was dealt with swiftly.”

A follow-up investigation was conducted by Gladewater ISD Officer John McQueen and Gladewater Police Detective Roxanne Warren, and a summary was submitted to the Gregg County District Attorney’s office on June 1st, 2015.

Richardson also stated that the case was immediately turned over to the Gladewater Police Department, and that charges have been filed against the teacher. News outlet KETK reports that they have placed many calls to Gladewater PD to confirm charges mentioned by J.P. Richardson, but none of those calls had been returned by press time. According to one report, a charge of “injury to a child,” a State Jail Felony, is pending against Hickman.

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