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The parents of children who are abused are oftentimes the ones who spot daycare abuse first. Sometimes, one of them will spot it on their own and, in other cases, more than one parent will come forward with evidence of abuse.

Daycare abuse can be very tough to detect. It sometimes takes an expert to find out that there’s something abusive going on and, even if the parents knew that something about their child had changed but couldn’t figure out what that might be.


Sometimes, if abuse is suspected, the authorities will start an investigation right away. There have been cases where it turned out that someone who worked at the facility was already known to have abused other children. This isn’t as common anymore, but it still happens. There are also cases where the daycare provider is negligent in many different ways and where that negligence ends up creating a very dangerous situation for the children at the facility.


Physicians are sometimes the first to spot abuse. They may see signs of it that parents aren’t capable of seeing themselves. For instance, damage to the bones and joints from being pushed and pulled may show up on an x-ray. Children usually trust doctors—even if they don’t like going—so they may also give them more honest answers than they’d give their parents. If you see what you believe to be signs of abuse on a child, take them to your physician to have them examined right away.

Other Parents

Children who are abused sometimes end up being very antisocial toward their peers. They may still behave around their parents, however. Other parents sometimes notice changes in children’s personalities that start the process of discovering abuse.


If your child is in school, their teacher may also notice the signs of abuse. They have so much experience with children that they usually spot it when something is wrong.

There are plenty of people you can ask if you believe you have seen signs of abuse in your child. They may have other information that will help you to understand what’s going on. If you suspect something, don’t be afraid to communicate with others who might know something. Silence only aids abusers.

A daycare abuse law firm may be able to help you prepare a lawsuit to sue whatever company owned the daycare. Daycare negligence claims sometimes result in substantial settlements and awards.

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