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If you take a look at news stories about daycare abuse, you’ll see that it sometimes goes on for a very long time before anybody notices. If you want to understand how people hide daycare abuse, you’ll want to take a look at factors outside of the abusers themselves, as well as those that do apply to how the abusers get access to children. The daycare facilities, however, usually do play a role in a bad situation where the abuse of children at a daycare facility is allowed to go on unchecked.


When you take a child to a daycare facility, you have a reasonable expectation that the people who work there are competent, attentive and concerned that your child and you can be assured that you’re getting the highest levels of service. Not all daycare centers live up to this expectation and, therefore, those daycare facilities are negligent. If your child is at a daycare facility that is negligent, that negligence is sometimes expressed in a way that allows abusers to continue doing what they do. Some of the symptoms of negligence at the daycare facility may include:

  • Lax oversight of employees
  • Failing to keep up with licensing requirements
  • Failing to background check employees adequately
  • Having too few workers in charge of too many children
  • Having a dirty facility

When you’re dealing with a daycare facility that allows these types of situations to go on, you can never be certain that any of the services they provide you are up to the most basic levels of quality that parents would demand of any facility where they brought their children for care. These facilities, because they don’t attend to these basic needs, oftentimes end up being places where abusers have free reign to take advantage of children.

The reason that daycare abuse isn’t detected sometimes is because the daycare facility itself isn’t playing an active role in preventing abuse. When this is the case, it’s very easy for an abuser to take advantage of children and to do so without having to worry about the daycare facility ever catching on. This form of negligence is responsible for the suffering of many of the children who end up being the victims of the abusers who use daycare settings to gain access to their victims.

If your child has been the victim of abuse in daycare, contacting a daycare abuse attorney may enable you to file a lawsuit for compensation.

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