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Jeremy’s Law, recently profiled on WSVN, is designed to help Florida prosecutors go after daycare facilities that are negligent and that bring children to harm. The law doesn’t exist in Texas, but what it covers gives some insight into the real dangers of daycare abuse.


Jeremy’s Law is named after a child who died at a daycare. The child rolled over on his stomach in his crib, suffocating because no one attended to him quickly enough. The law makes it illegal for a daycare owner or worker to misrepresent what’s going on at a daycare facility and, further, makes such misrepresentation a second-degree felony.

One of the worst types of misrepresentation—and among the most dangerous types—is when daycare workers or owners misrepresent how many children they have at the daycare. When they understate the number, they can create the illusion that there are plenty of people to offer care to the children at the facility. This, of course, allows them to take in more children and to get more money. Unfortunately, it also means that children are sometimes left unattended and that they may suffer injuries, or even die, as a result.

The story was given in the context of a 4 year-old who died after being locked in a hot car, after being locked in by a daycare worker. This sort of abandonment and negligence can quickly turn deadly and, because of that, prosecutors need tools to go after the people who are guilty of it.

Civil Lawyers

Aside from criminal charges, the families sometimes go after the daycare owners or workers in court where they sue for damages. In instances where the child survives the abuse, this can help the families to get compensation that can help them to get their child the care they need to recover from the injuries. Sadly, other cases are wrongful death claims and the abuse is discovered too late.

If a daycare has misrepresented themselves to you and your child has been injured as a result, an attorney may be able to help you get compensation. You’ll have to sit down with the attorney to tell them your story, but this consultation is usually free. If you’re wondering whether or not you have a case, it’s always best to talk to an attorney to get their opinion on the matter and to make sure you don’t act too late.

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