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Minnesota Daycare Abuse Lawsuit
Credit: KARE 11

RAMSEY, MN — The parents of a young girl have brought a lawsuit against the former owner of a daycare the child attended, based on claims that the child was subjected to physical and mental abuse.

The parents allege that the child attended the now-defunct Little Me daycare in Ramsey from the age of three to the age of five, but that sometime in February or March of 2015, a daycare worker hit the little girl and then locked her inside an office alone. In a separate incident, the parents allege that an employee locked the child outside the daycare at night. Additionally, the lawsuit alleges that staff also failed to provide the child with a sufficient amount of food and water.

According to the lawsuit filed in Anoka County, the child provided details of the abuse during a session with a therapist. This followed her removal from the daycare during the course of an investigation into the neglect and abuse of another child in the same daycare facility.

The Allegations

The child and her parents say the daycare owner, Jessica Bachman, is guilty of negligence, battery, and causing emotional distress that will have an effect on the child for the remainder of her life. They have requested a jury trial, general damages of over $50,000, and an undetermined amount in special damages.

The State of Minnesota revoked the license of the Little Me childcare facilities (one in Ramsey and one in Oak Grove) in 2016 after numerous health and safety violations. KARE 11 even investigated the center in February 2016 after a report of a 2-year-old boy being locked outside in the freezing cold for more than 20 minutes.

New Location and Management

In spite of the problems at the two daycare locations, the previous owner’s mother, Kelly Johnson, was granted two licenses to reopen both facilities under a different name: Imagine That Learning Center. Even though the attorneys for the defendants were served with the lawsuit three or four weeks ago, the plaintiff’s attorney says they have not yet received a response.

Know Your Rights

In cases of daycare abuse, parents have several options for seeking justice against those involved. If you even suspect that your child may be suffering from abuse at their daycare, report your suspicions to the authorities. While the levying of criminal charges is up to the discretion of police and the district attorney, parents still have the right to file a civil lawsuit on behalf of the injured child. A civil lawsuit seeks monetary compensation for the losses your family has suffered as a result of this abuse, and is separate from any criminal proceedings. For more information about daycare abuse lawsuits, call us today at 1-877-403-9378.

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