Our attorneys knows this is a difficult time for you and your loved ones. We know that bills may be piling up and money is growing tight. That is why we offer a 100% FREE case evaluation to all of our daycare abuse clients. Furthermore, you don’t pay us unless you win your case!

Daycare abuse can be one of the most terrifying things a family can endure. One of the most terrifying aspects about it is the fact that, when you first discover it, you have no idea of the extent of it or how long it’s been going on. You have to take some sensible steps if you do believe that your child has been the victim of daycare negligence or daycare abuse. The steps are very logical, but it’s sometimes difficult to think clearly when you discover that something like this has been going on.

Documentation and Medical Attention

The first thing you’ll want to do if you discover bruises or other injuries on your child is to go to a doctor. The first reason for this is that the doctor will be able to determine whether or not those injuries are likely to have resulted from normal activity or if they’re more likely to be the signs that there is abuse going on. The doctor will also document the injuries, which may be important for future legal actions.

Psychological Health Needs

If it’s obvious that something has been going on, but your child is having a difficult time talking about it, visit a professional counselor. Sometimes, it’s easier for children to talk to a counselor than it is for them to speak with their parents. This is an important step in helping the child to heal and, when the abuse has just been discovered, it’s an important step toward discovering exactly what went on.

Contact an Attorney

Assuming that the authorities have intervened and that the abuse has stopped, it might be a good idea for you to talk to an attorney. The costs of dealing with the aftermath of child abuse can be very expensive. To make sure that you have the financial wherewithal to provide for your family in this time, you may want to seek compensation via a jury award.

There are some attorneys who will take these cases on a contingency basis. This means that you don’t have to pay them unless they actually win the claim. Because of this, it’s possible for parents to pursue their claim, even when they don’t have enough money to afford an attorney up front. These attorneys also offer free consultations, so you can see whether or not you have a case that has a chance of winning.

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