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South Carolina Daycare Abuse Lawyer

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If you suspect your child is being abused by daycare workers in South Carolina, the first thing you need to do is report your suspicions to the authorities, the administrator of the daycare facility, and South Carolina Family & Protective Services (who will then likely report it to the Department of Licensing).

Timeliness is important in these cases because if a parent waits, it becomes harder to prove that abuse or neglect actually occurred. Over time, witness accounts become less reliable, surveillance video gets erased, and physical evidence (such as bruising) becomes harder to document.

Daycare workers are responsible for caring for the children in their care in a safe manner. If they stray from this obligation, parents need to take whatever action is necessary in order to protect their children and ensure that other children are protected as well. More than likely, a daycare worker who abuses or neglects one child is also doing it to others.

Signs of Day Care Abuse & Neglect

Daycare facilities in South Carolina are all-too-often overcrowded and understaffed. Many fail to provide children with proper care and supervision, and some are just outright dangerous. Any time a South Carolina daycare worker abuses a child in his/her care, they open themselves up to criminal charges as well as civil claims (lawsuits filed by the family). While authorities may file criminal charges when a child is seriously harmed or injured, it is the parent’s responsibility to pursue a civil claim in order to recover money damages. For more information on a parent’s right to sue their daycare provider, call Rasansky Law Firm at 1-877-403-9378.

Though children are not always up-front and open about instances of daycare abuse, there are warning signs, such as:

  • Being afraid of going to daycare.
  • Becoming emotionally withdrawn.
  • Serious changes in behavior.
  • Bed wetting.
  • Marks on the child without explanation.
  • Unusual symptoms surrounding the genitals.
  • Presence of urinary tract infections.
  • Sexual knowledge or curiosity that is inappropriate for the child’s age.

The Claims Process

Once the child’s parent or guardian has reported their suspicions to the authorities, it may be necessary to consult with a South Carolina daycare abuse lawyer in order to pursue a civil claim against those responsible. In order for a lawsuit to be successful, your attorney will need to prove the following four situations occurred:

  1. The child was owed a duty of care.
  2. The provider is in breach of the duty of care.
  3. The breach resulted in harm or injury to the child.
  4. The harm or injury resulted in damages.

Why Bother Filing a Lawsuit?

Well first off, if your family has suffered financially as a result of this abuse, why should you suffer the consequences? Even if criminal charges were filed, there’s no guarantee they’ll be prosecuted. Your family has a legitimate grievance, and you deserve justice.

Each situation is different, so it’s important to have a South Carolina daycare abuse lawyer who is familiar with the regulations governing daycare care facilities and providers. Whether you’re in Columbia, Charleston, Mount Pleasant, or any other city in SC, hiring the right daycare abuse lawyer can help your family receive the compensation needed for the treatment of both physical and emotional injuries.


  • i have a summary typed up of the abuse me and another parent’s child experienced at our daycare in April 2023. i can email this over for review. looking to file a civil lawsuit against the daycare for neglect and negligence

    • We are so very sorry to hear this, Rebecca. Please contact us 24/7 at 877-403-9378 to further discuss. We look forward to hearing from you.

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