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Leaving your children in the hands of strangers can be a daunting thing, even when you know that these are established professionals trained to take care of children. Daycare centers have received a bad rap lately due to cases of neglect and mistreatment meted out by their employees. Surveillance cameras providing you with live feeds into the daycare centers might help ease the anxiety you feel, giving you that peace of mind that can only come from seeing what exactly goes on in such institutions.

Live Video Feed From Inside a Daycare
Daycare & CCTV

Live surveillance cameras can help you keep a close eye on your child without being too invasive. In fact, some daycare centers encourage parents to sign up for this kind of thing just to give the parents the transparency they want and deserve. Each parent gets a username and password which they can use to log into the surveillance system discreetly and monitor their children from the comfort of their workplaces.

Having a live feed of a daycare center also has a powerful effect on the performance of the employees who work in such institutions. People usually become diligent and more responsible when they know that they’re being watched. This might in turn boost their performance as well as consistency, giving your child the kind of care that they deserve.

Surveillance cameras also help maintain security in and around the centers. Using prominently displayed signs, daycare center managers can help deter theft and other security incidents, keeping both children and employees safe. Additionally, these live feeds might also help pinpoint a security flaw which might be remedied in a timely manner thanks to suggestions from other parents.

The intangible benefits of having surveillance in your child’s daycare center make it all worthwhile. For example, if you have a kid who has been learning to walk or talk, a live feed might just give you that opportunity to see them succeed in completing these developmental milestones, giving you lasting memories that you can cherish for the rest of your life. Live surveillance may also help you discover other aspects of your child’s personality when they’re around other children that you never knew about.

At the end of the day, surveillance doesn’t have to be Orwellian or intrusive; the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, making it something that you should absolutely demand from your daycare center.

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  • As a parent, I’m trying to understand why there hasn’t there been any law to make it mandatory to have ALL daycare, pre-schools, etc. to have video and audio surveillance camera’s ?

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