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One of the major issues in daycare abuse and daycare neglect is the prevalence of drug use by employees.

Just how prevalent is drug use at daycare facilities? The National Survey on Drug Use and Health released some disturbing reports in 2004, suggesting that four percent of all educational employees between the ages of 18 to 64 had used “illicit drugs” or “heavy alcohol” during the past month. The overall statistics for drug use in the work place was 8.2 percent of full-time workers. The National Governors Association for Best Practices quotes reports from a 1995 study suggesting that a large percentage of daycare centers in America (about 40 percent) offered “poor to mediocre care…” So poor so that it could actually jeopardize a child’s health.

Unfortunately, instances of drug use at daycare are becoming increasingly common in today’s world. The News Channel 3 in Las Vegas ran a story on drug use at the Cinderella Careskool. After a former daycare teacher complained about the blatant drug use happening amongst staff members and students, the daycare company and local police failed to take action. In fact, the teacher—who cited six teachers involved in drug use—was warned by the center director to drop her daycare neglect investigation and “mind her own business.”

Another case happened in Ocean Springs, Mississippi from WLOX Channel 13. Four staff members of an Ocean Springs home and part-time daycare center were charged after authorities recovered drugs and pornography from the home. Narcotics Task Force agents found two inactive “shake and bake” meth labs along with chemicals and needles. Neighbors went on to relate their shock, saying the accused family was well known and respected in the neighborhood.

Drug use at daycare is more rampant than we would like to think. Remember that this is not just an issue of illegal drug use but it is an issue that involves the physical and mental well-being of our children. If the local daycare in your neighborhood has been employing staff members who are on drugs and are thus partly responsible for your child’s injury, then it’s time to come forward. Rasansky Law Firm can help you make your case for daycare abuse. Call for a free consultation at 1-877-403-9378.

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