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A daycare in Miami, Florida is being sued by the parents of a child after the plaintiff’s daughter came home with hair having been ripped out of her head. This case of abuse in daycare has much in common with many such cases. Specifically, the lawsuit alleges that there was a combination of abuse, negligence and indifference to the abuse of other children on the part of the daycare workers.

The Video

Video that was released by the daycare shows the child who was abused being attacked by a group of other children. The other children, at some point during the video, actually tear one of her braids out of her head. What’s shocking about the video is that the caregiver doesn’t show any real interest in what is going on until the child’s hair has been ripped out. At that point, all the caregiver can be bothered to do is to throw the torn out hair in the trash. The daycare tried to tell the mother that the child’s hair was already torn out when the child arrived at the daycare center.

The video goes on to show a caregiver apparently striking a child. The daycare center, J-Ruiz, volunteered the video. The story, which ran in NBCMiami.com, quotes the lawyers for the plaintiff as being very surprised that the video was even volunteered by the daycare center. The video, according to attorneys, bolsters their case and makes a much stronger argument against the daycare center.

Histories of Abuse

Most abuse in daycare centers goes on for a while before it’s discovered. One of the most frustrating things about daycare child abuse is that it is oftentimes very difficult to document. With more and more daycare centers installing surveillance cameras in their facilities, there is the potential for there to be a great deal more evidence for attorneys to work with. If you suspect that your child was the victim of abuse, it’s likely that your attorney will request any surveillance camera footage that the daycare center has at some point.

Not all children are fortunate enough to be in a situation where their abusers are caught on tape. In some cases, the abusers are much more clever than that and end up carrying out the abuse for months and even years before it is discovered, if it is discovered at all. If you do suspect abuse at a daycare facility, contact the authorities first so that the abuse is put to an end.

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