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One of the things smart parents will do if they suspect their child is being abused in a preschool setting is reach out to other parents. You may find yourself in a situation where such a parent reaches out to you, wondering if you’ve seen any signs of abuse and if you have the same concerns that they do. If you’re not sure whether or not you should even suspect abuse, consider the following. Combined with being approached by another parent that suspects something may be wrong at the daycare facility, there may be reasons to investigate the matter further.

Your Child Has Been Acting Strange

Most of the time, when children are being victimized by an abuser at a daycare facility, they will act strangely. It may be difficult for you to put your finger on exactly what’s different about their personality but, in most cases, parents do notice that something doesn’t seem quite right. The child may be more likely to get angry about rather meaningless things, they may seem scared or they may suddenly seem withdrawn when they were formerly very social. These types of personality changes are sometimes indications of abuse.

Your Instincts Are Telling You Something

Sometimes, when a child is being abused, you will start to suspect that something is not quite right. If one of the employees at the daycare facility gives you a bad feeling or if you feel like the daycare facility isn’t taking the job quite as seriously as they should, you may want to consider speaking with some of the other parents yourself. If enough parents have that same bad feeling about the facility, it may be good cause to suspect that something is going on.

Nobody wants to accuse somebody of doing something as detestable as abusing a child. Unfortunately, this is what child abusers rely upon. In fact, they’re no different than any other types of criminals in that they rely upon other people not wanting to be rude and upon other people not wanting to accuse innocent individuals of crimes. Sometimes, however, you have to realize that being polite isn’t the best thing you can do for your child. Follow your instincts if you feel like something’s wrong and, if it is, be sure to speak with the authorities.

Preschool child abuse is sometimes the result of negligence. Speak to a daycare abuse lawyer if your child has been abused at such a facility.

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