Our attorneys knows this is a difficult time for you and your loved ones. We know that bills may be piling up and money is growing tight. That is why we offer a 100% FREE case evaluation to all of our daycare abuse clients. Furthermore, you don’t pay us unless you win your case!

If you suspect daycare abuse, you do have options. The first thing, of course, is to get your child out of the situation. If you suspect that any physical or sexual abuse is going on, or if the children are in danger of life and limb, obviously call the authorities. Instances of daycare abuse can be painful and traumatizing. In many cases, they’re going to mean that your child, and possibly you, will need medical treatment or psychological counseling for your pain and suffering. There is legal recourse for you if you’ve suffered this abuse.

Daycare negligence is one type of abuse. In these cases, the facility does not provide adequately for their charges, endangering them or causing them real harm. They may also fail to intervene in a bad situation, putting a child in risk of harm by inaction. As frightening as these situations are, they are usually the least disturbing cases of abuse at daycare facilities. The worst, and most disturbing, involve psychological and physical abuse visited upon children. Oftentimes, it may be hard to spot this abuse, even when it’s going on.

Abusive people tend to be very good at convincing people to not talk about what they’ve been put through. They’re very good at intimidating children, maddening as that fact is. Daycare child abuse is sometimes accompanied by threats that are designed to keep children quiet. Watch for signs that your child is holding something back, but be careful not to prime them into saying something that isn’t true. Contrary to popular belief, children can, and do, lie, though they generally don’t understand what it means to do so. If you have a bad feeling, don’t hesitate to change facilities and seek a professional to help with your child.

If you want to file a case, you’ll want a daycare abuse law firm. Most any type of litigation will be more successful if the lawyers involved happen to specialize in the particular type of case at hand. Daycare abuse cases are no different. You can oftentimes consult with attorneys for free, enabling you to make sure that you have a case before you move forward. There is a chance that you’ll get a settlement, which means that you won’t have to go to court. If you go to court, your attorney will prepare you to testify.

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