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Daycare Abuse Lawsuit in Minnesota

A Minnesota family whose son was assaulted at a daycare center seven years ago finally got justice for their loved one after a jury overseeing a two week trial awarded the family $13.5 million in damages.

The child, now 10 years old, was attacked by an older boy who pretended to want to befriend him on that fateful day in 2008. The victim was subsequently beaten, choked and sexually assaulted with parts of the incident being captured by surveillance cameras.

Kids Quest Daycare Closed After Attack

As a result of the allegations, the Kids Quest drop-in child care center at the Grand Casino Mille Lacs closed its doors barely a week after the incident occurred. They also laid off the staff for failing to adequately supervise children at the center, citing that they did not do a good job at separating aggressive children or those that behaved inappropriately.

Lifelong Injuries

The multimillion dollar settlement was the culmination of three years of litigation. Lawyers representing the family said that the injuries he sustained resulted in him suffering from permanent post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as brain changes that would follow him for the rest of his life. In addition, the incident has made the child become hypervigilant at all times as well as fearful of anyone wearing a red shirt (which is what the perpetrator was wearing at the time that the abuse took place). The now 10 year-old has a hard time regulating his emotions and is prone to violent anger outbursts.

The owners at Kids Quest admitted that the employees at the center did not follow procedure when it came to child supervision, something that could have prevented the incident from happening.

Daycare Abuse Help

Daycare abuse can lead to a lifetime of physical, psychological and emotional scars. If your child was a victim of daycare abuse, please call us today at 1-877-405-4313 for expert legal help on how you can seek justice and recover compensation.

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