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Day Care Abuse Law Firm in Mississippi

Hardly a day passes without us hearing about child abuse cases happening at daycare centers all across Mississippi, including Jackson, Gulfport, Southaven and Hattiesburg.

These acts of child abuse are usually perpetrated by individuals who are responsible for the welfare of these children; people that parents have entrusted their loved ones with. If your child was a victim of daycare abuse, please contact a Mississippi daycare abuse lawyer today.

Daycare abuse is usually not overt. Because of this, it’s imperative that you as a parent keep your eyes open and ears to the ground. Looking out for things that may be behaviorally or physically ‘off’ can go a long way in discovering these type of issues. By staying vigilant, you can help ensure that your child stays safe and that all potential abuse cases are dealt with swiftly in order to keep other children safe from similar types of abuse.

Here are a few pointers that may signal ongoing daycare abuse:

  1. A once outgoing child becomes shy and withdrawn for no valid reason.
  2. Scratches, bruises and welts on a child’s body that never seem to heal.
  3. The onset of night terrors, bedwetting, nightmares and other sleep problems.
  4. Sudden onset of overly clingy or codependent behavior by a child.
  5. Reluctance to go to the daycare center when it’s time to do so.
  6. Aggressiveness (this manifests as a means of self-preservation).

It’s important to note that daycare abuse and neglect can take on many forms, and that injuries may not be initially apparent. Emotional and psychological abuse can take the form of taunts, neglect, bullying and more, and may only manifest itself much later in the child’s life. Because of this, you should make it your responsibility to have an open line of communication between you and your child, enabling you to ask them vital questions about how comfortable he or she is and if there’s anything that’s unsettling at the daycare center.

Filing a Lawsuit Against the Daycare

According to the law, it’s a criminal offense for daycare workers to not report cases of child abuse. Unfortunately, incidents of child abuse go unreported every day. If you suspect that your child is being abused at his or her day care, you may be able to sue for compensation related to the abuse. A good Mississippi day care abuse attorney can help you identify the various infractions that took place and what you can do to seek justice against those who harmed your child.

We can’t help undo what was done in the past, but we can help you and your family rebuild your child’s life and restore the rest of his or her childhood. Please contact us today at 1-877-403-9378 for your FREE consultation with one of our experienced daycare abuse lawyers. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.


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    • Hi Jondelyn. Thank you reaching out. Please call 484-662-4248 to be speak with an attorney in Mississippi.

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