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Daycare Swaddling Abuse

Swaddling is a dangerous (and in some states, illegal) practice used to immobilize small children during nap time.

Swaddling (often referred to as the baby burrito) involves wrapping a child tightly in a blanket, often with the help of knots or fasteners. This is sometimes done to a point where the child’s ability to breath and move their extremities is severely restricted. This practice is dangerous and has been banned by the National Resource Center on Child Health and Safety in conjunction with the American Academy of Pediatrics and American Public Health Association—who released recommendations outlawing the practice.

The Dangers of Swaddling Children

Swaddling is particularly dangerous for children who have circulation or respiratory problems since binding them tightly may further constrict blood flow and restrict breathing. It is thought that daycare centers who practice swaddling do so in order to make the caregiver’s job easier. Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of your child’s well-being.

If leg movement is restricted by swaddling, this could also lead to hip dysplasia and/or hip dislocation in small children. It has also been shown that swaddling may cause a baby to overheat, resulting in heat exhaustion and other dangerous conditions.

Doctors Discourage Daycare for Children Under 3 Months Old

Pediatric doctors often recommend that you don’t take your child to daycare until after the age of 3 months, because this is the amount of time they will need to outgrow swaddling altogether. Swaddling is illegal in Texas, Pennsylvania and Minnesota, and other states will soon be following suit given the overwhelming evidence that this practice does more harm than good.

In 2013, two sisters in San Francisco were charged with felony child abuse for swaddling children at their daycare facility after a former employee alerted authorities to the practice. The daycare was later closed by state officials.

Is Your Child Being Swaddled at Day Care?

If you suspect that your child is being swaddled at their day care, you need to take action. Call and report your suspicions to the National Child Abuse Hotline. If your child has suffered an injury due to the practice, seek immediate medical help and report the incident to your local police department as soon as possible.

If you are considering legal action against the daycare facility, you’ll need the assistance of an experienced daycare abuse lawyer. To get to the bottom of who’s at fault, as well as potentially recovering compensation for any pain and suffering your child may have experienced, please call Rasansky Law Firm at 1-877-403-9378. The call is free, the consultation is free, and if we decide to take on your case, we do so for no money up front. We only get paid if we are successful at recovering compensation. Call us today – we look forward to helping you and your family seek the justice you deserve.

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