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Many parents across the country entrust childcare centers with their children as they go about their daily duties. These daycare centers provide an invaluable service as well as a means for children to interact with other kids of their age range. These centers are supposed to be havens of safety comfort and fun. However, this isn’t always the case as evidenced by the increasing number of daycare abuse cases in Phoenix, Tucson, Mesa and across the State of Arizona.

Arizona Day Care Lawyers
Daycare Abuse in Arizona

According to Arizona law, children who are abused in any environment have a right to seek justice and compensation against the abuser as well as any entity that made it possible through negligence for the abuse to happen. Some daycare centers may hire individuals without doing a thorough background check. This puts the lives of kids in danger, and can result in numerous instances of abuse meted out on innocent children.

Arizona daycare abuse can take on many forms. Given the fact that some instances of daycare abuse may take a while to become noticeable, it’s your responsibility as a parent to make sure that you watch for any suspicious behavior in your child so that you can stop ongoing abuse in its tracks.

Daycare abuse can be:

Children who become victims to Arizona daycare abuse may have certain symptoms and signs. These should be taken seriously, and it’s important to seek medical treatment as well as alert the police if you notice any of these signs.

Here’s a list of signs of daycare abuse:

  1. The child suddenly becomes withdrawn and silent.
  2. The abused child starts having nightmares and night terrors.
  3. The child refuses to go to the daycare or become clingy when it’s time to head over to the center.
  4. He/She has bruises, cuts and nicks that never seem to heal.
  5. The child starts walking with a limp, almost as if they have an injury.
  6. The child complains of a burning sensation while urinating.
  7. The child becomes aggressive as a defense mechanism in response to trauma.
  8. The child starts complaining about a certain daycare employee on a regular basis.

Your responsibility as a parent is to make sure that you listen to your child and take his or her complaints seriously. Make it a habit to examine him or her on a regular basis for anything untoward or suspicious.

There are various contributing causes of daycare abuse. Some of these include:

  • Lack of adequate supervision.
  • Lack of proper training.
  • Failing to carry out extensive background checks on individuals.
  • Failure to maintain a clean and safe environment.

It’s also worth noting that abuse can be carried out by other children in the center. In such cases, you can still sue the center for failing to supervise children in order to stop this kind of abuse from happening. In addition, Arizona daycare centers are responsible for alerting you in case they suspect that your child is being abused. In such cases, timely action can save your child and others from a lifetime of trauma.

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  • Hello, I have a question regarding a situation we’ve experienced with our gym’s Kid Club.

    There has been a child with a known behavioral issue of biting and hitting other children continually allowed into the child care facility. This has resulted in my 18 month old son to be bitten three times in the past two days. On the first occasion we were not made aware of it by staff and instead found out by discovering teeth/bite marks on my son shoulder upon changing him later in the day. The following day, when picking up my son from the child care center, we were notified he was bitten twice that day. The staff member advised us that the child is known to bite and hit and the mother of that child was notified and the mother advised the staff that he is known to do that at home as well.

    After discussing this with an operations manager on the phone, we were advised that the staff was instructed to monitor the children more closely and that the mother of the child would be given a final warning.

    Exactly one hour later we walked into the gym and witnessed the operations manager at the front desk joking and laughing about our concern with other staff members. Upon finishing our workout, we walked to the front of the gym to find our child wandering the child care lobby where anyone could have taken him or he could have wandered out the front door of the gym to the parking lot.

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