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Montessori Child Abuse Lawsuit

While Montessori schools are usually held to a higher esteem by parents (possibly due to the fact that they cost a bit more than other schools and follow a more-creative line of nurturing each child’s individual talents), they are in no way immune to instances of child abuse.

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How can you tell if your child is suffering from abuse by a Montessori teacher? Here are a few red flags you should be aware of:

  • Withdrawal – Children are (for the most part) curious, bubbly and active. However, if a once-sunny kid starts wanting a lot of time to themselves, you should take notice since this may be due to a relationship dynamic that’s changed in their lives, particularly in their learning space. Children who are being abused tend to clam up and refuse any kind of affection as well as attempts to get them out of their shells.
  • Night Terrors – Any kind of trauma isn’t easy for the minds of little children to bear. As a result, they internalize it and push it deep into their unconscious. That said, doing this only makes it likely for the trauma they suffer to come out in their dreams. The onset of nightmares and night terrors may be a signal that there might be some kind of abuse during the child’s waking hours which you need to investigate.
  • Aggressive Behavior – When a once-gentle kid starts to act out and be rude for no reason, it may be related to child abuse. This is a defense mechanism to help protect themselves in the face of perceived danger. This can take on acts such as hitting other children, biting, kicking, screaming and more. Instead of only disciplining the child, consider digging deeper in order to find out what the underlying cause could be.
  • Body Bruising – While other forms of abuse are insidious and almost invisible, physical violence often results in scrapes and bruises. Be sure to check your child for marks, bruises and hand prints on their bodies should you suspect anything. Since abuse is repetitive, you may find that these bruises never fully heal, and may actually keep getting worse with time. In such cases, don’t forget to take documentary evidence in the form of photographs.

Get Legal Help!

Child abuse at a Montessori school is usually a complex matter. Not only will the police be investigating potential criminal charges, but CPS will likely also conduct a separate investigation into the school. Additionally, your attorney will need to investigate and collect evidence for any potential civil lawsuits.

If you have never gone through this process before, it is important that you discuss your case with a daycare abuse attorney. Since we’ve handled similar cases in the past, we know how much they are worth with regard to compensation. Our attorneys have considerable experience when it comes to child abuse cases, and we take these cases on contingency. This means you literally never pay us a single penny out of pocket. If we’re unable to win you money, you walk away owing us nothing.

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