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Child Abused by a Teacher at School

Child abuse is a serious offense that sometimes goes unchecked and unmitigated by some school officials. At the same time, there is a culture of intimidation which is meted out to the victims, most of whom are small children who may be afraid to speak out, even when their well-being is in danger.

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Child Abuse at a School Often Goes Undetected

Child abuse has far-reaching consequences for the child, family and community at large. The numerous prime time news pieces that touch on child abuse in school can be startling. Most of the time, this kind of abuse goes unaddressed for months, if not years. In addition, where one kid is being abused, there are likely multiple others suffering abuse by the same individual. By contacting a good child abuse law firm such as Rasansky Law Firm, you’ll be able to stop the cycle of abuse and protect other children from suffering the same fate.

Child abuse can sometimes be so subtle that it goes unnoticed. That being said, there are still some red flags you should keep an eye out for.

  • Emotional withdrawal – A once gregarious, outgoing child becomes shy, sullen and withdrawn. This may be a natural response to a stressful situation that they feel they can’t handle. Seen as a self-preservation mechanism, withdrawal should be probed by gently asking the child questions to find out what may have changed in their daily lives. Most of the time, the child will eventually give you information regarding child abuse at his or her school if you ask them in a safe environment and non-threatening manner.
  • Strange marks and bruises on a child’s body – It’s normal for kids to sport bruises once in a while due to their playful nature. However, it is not normal for them to keep showing up with bruises that never seem to heal. This may signal ongoing abuse and should make you sit up and pay attention. In particular, look for any marks or welts which may have come from an object such as a belt, paddle, or even a hand print.
  • Aggressive behavior – Prolonged abuse may make a child prone to lashing out, as well as unexplained violent and unpredictable behavior. Don’t explain this away by thinking that this is normal during a child’s developmental phase; look into the possibility of child abuse. Ask your child about their teachers, as well as about any bullies at their school.

Most child abuse perpetrators have a history of abuse. This may not immediately come to light, especially if they’ve never been arrested. Because of this, you may need to consult with a good child abuse lawyer to have extensive investigation carried out on your behalf. In addition, you may be able to get evidence that implicates a perpetrator by examining CCTV footage which can help prosecutors bring criminal charges, and can help you win a civil lawsuit against the school and/or the abuser(s).

Have an Attorney Review the Facts of Your Case

If you believe that your child is being physically or sexually abused at their school, it is imperative that you act quickly in order to mitigate any further harm. Call the police and file a report. Call the school board and lodge an official complaint. Finally, call a child abuse attorney who can advise you of your rights and help advocate on your behalf.

Filing a lawsuit against a school is challenging, but often the only legal recourse that parents have at their disposal. With the help of an experienced attorney, you may be able to collect money damages that can go a long way in paying for any treatment that your child may need going forward, as well as for alternative schooling. Taking action will also help keep your community safer by removing undesirable elements from our school systems.

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