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Child Abuse Arrest at Landis Elementary School

HOUSTON, TX (10/12/2016) — A Houston-area teacher has been placed on leave after she was accused of striking a second-grader.

According to Houston Police, 48-year-old Lisa Allison is facing felony charges for allegedly assaulting a second grade student on October 12th in Houston, Texas.

On Monday, footage from cameras located in Landis Elementary School showed a young male student sitting in the hallway as Allison is bent over him, telling him something. The child then attempts to leave with his backpack when Allison grabs the student. The incident progresses as the two struggle down a hallway, where Allison is allegedly seen striking the boy “with a closed fist to the right side of the face.”

According to a court documents, the teacher then forced the child to the ground and sat on his back until school administrators arrived and told her to get off of him. As the teacher got up, the report states that “she has her knee on the complainant’s back.”

The student reported to campus police that Allison had tossed him out of the classroom and said, “I’m tired of you,” as he was gathering his backpack. Allison told police that after the child left, he began kicking lockers in the hallway. She says she went to escort him to the office, and that was when the conflict erupted.

When police questioned Allison about the incident, she claimed that the child was asked to leave the room for making noise; however, she did not recall striking the student. She did admit to holding the boy down on the ground.

“The Harris County District Attorney’s Office has charged Alief employee Lisa Allison with injury to a child following an investigation by Alief ISD Police and district administrators,” the district said in a statement.

Due to these allegations, Allison has been placed on leave and “will not return” as the investigation continues. If convicted, she could face anywhere from 2-10 years in jail and/or up to a $10,000 fine. Her bail has been set at $10,000.

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