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Lake Mills Daycare Abuse Arrest

LAKE MILLS, WI — A Wisconsin daycare provider has been charged with child abuse stemming from an incident which occurred in March of this year.

Amanda McGowan
Amanda McGowan

30-year-old Amanda J. McGowan was charged with one count of child abuse after a number of injuries were discovered on a 4-month-old that was under her care earlier in the year. If found guilty, McGowan may face up to 1.5 years in prison as well as extended supervision lasting 2 years.


On the morning of March 14th 2016, Lake Mills police responded to a call from Lake Mills EMS regarding an injured 4-month-old child. McGowan claimed to investigators that she had fallen down the stairs as she was descending into the basement while carrying the baby. Medical reports, however, refuted this claim as the injuries the child suffered were not consistent with a fall. Medical officials found the injuries to be “gravely concerning for abusive health trauma,” and a pediatric doctor’s report concluded that the child’s injuries were consistent with “non-accidental abusive head trauma.”

The child suffered multiple injuries including a subdural hematoma, bruises to the head as well as right arm on two areas, retinal and bi-frontal hemorrhages. He was seen by an ophthalmologist who was able to determine that it was likely he suffered permanent eye damage. An older bruise discovered on the child’s face was also defined as a “sentinel injury.”

McGowan refused medical treatment, but allegedly complained about neck and back pain for a few days after. A later investigation however found no signs of injuries.

Released on $10,000 Bond

McGowan was released this Monday on a $10,000 signature bond. The presiding judge, Neal Nettesheim, ordered that she have no contact with the injured child or his parents. In addition, she is barred from providing childcare to any other children (except her biological children). McGowan will also be allowed to care for her fiancé’s child while on bond, but due to a previous family court ruling, McGowan is allegedly not allowed to be left alone with the child.

McGowan’s Daughter Speaks

McGowan’s daughter claimed that the injured child was “crabby” on the day of his injuries, and that her mother had reached into the baby’s mouth only to discover a bump which signaled a tooth growing.  The daughter, upon further questioning, claimed that her mother seemed “overwhelmed” like she “can’t take it anymore.”

Amanda McGowan is expected to appear in court on November 22nd for a preliminary hearing.

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