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The owner of a daycare that was ordered shut down in 2010 has again been accused of mistreating children. The woman’s daycare, located in North Fayetteville, was shut down because of conditions that did not meet standards. Those conditions, in fact, were not even close to meeting the standards that daycare facilities are required to meet. Wires hung from the ceiling, the bathrooms necessitated that children climb up rickety stairs and children were being changed in an area with no running water, according to Patch.com. The situation has only gotten worse since.

According to the report, the owner of the daycare was recently arrested on child pornography charges. She faces a range of criminal charges, including 34 charges of sexual abuse of children. The woman was also charged with drug offenses.

Discovering Daycare Abuse

Some daycare abuse cases only involve one worker at a facility that is otherwise competent and qualified to deliver the care they render. There are other cases, however, where the daycare facility may be so negligent that abuse goes on for a very long time and reaches levels that are incredibly disturbing. In such cases, the families of the victims may be left with a lot of recovery to go through.

Children who are the victims of daycare abuse may need long-term counseling and other services to help them. The parents may face very high medical bills because of this and, sometimes, those bills may be beyond what they can realistically afford to pay. In such cases, parents sometimes choose to file a lawsuit against the daycare facility that abused their child. These cases are sometimes very disturbing to consider, but a lawyer may at least be able to help with the financial damages.

Negligence in Daycare

Negligence means putting someone in danger in a way that is completely unreasonable. It may mean doing something that a reasonable person would never do or not taking an action that a reasonable person would have and, through either action or inaction, bringing another to harm. Daycare facilities that fail to live up to the standards required of them in terms of their services or facility are sometimes liable for being sued for negligence.

If you need daycare abuse legal help, be sure to contact a qualified attorney. They will be able to guide you through the process of filing a lawsuit and, if your case is successful, getting you compensation from a jury award or a settlement.

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