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A mother in Indianapolis is claiming that her children were abused at a daycare. The facility denies that the abuse occurred. The woman claims that one of her children suffered a dislocated shoulder at the facility and the other suffered a bit wound. The bite wound was apparently from another child, according to reporting on WISHTV.

The daycare maintains that the child was bit by another infant but that the dislocated shoulder was already present when the other child was dropped off at the daycare. This particular facility is not required to follow the same state regulations as most, due to the fact that it is part of a ministry.

The parent and the daycare facility continue to be in conflict over the matter. This is not uncommon in cases of alleged daycare abuse. Sometimes, getting to the bottom of the issue requires outside assistance.

Regulatory Agencies

One places you a turn to for assistance when you suspect daycare abuse is one of the agencies responsible for licensing and regulating them. This is important to keep in mind. If you’re not using a licensed facility, you lose access to this resource, which may become an issue in the future.

The regulations that apply to daycare facilities are intended to make sure that the facility is adequately staffed and that the staff is competent all around. Without these requirements, it’s hard to know what you’re dealing with.


In instances where you have good reason to believe that abuse occurred, contacting the police is always a good idea. This triggers an investigation. If the daycare facility was negligent in some regard and your child came to harm, there may be criminal charges involved. This is sometimes a lengthy process and it’s traumatic for everyone involved, but it’s sometimes the best way to address these issues and to keep them from festering.


You can find daycare abuse lawyers online and ask their opinion on the matter, as well. Whether or not there are criminal charges involved, you may be able to file a lawsuit and win compensation for your child. The lawsuit will hinge on whether or not the lawyer can find negligence involved in the abuse incident. If they can, they may want to argue your case for you and help your family to get compensated. There are limitations on how long you have to act, so contacting an attorney right away is always advisable.

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