Our attorneys knows this is a difficult time for you and your loved ones. We know that bills may be piling up and money is growing tight. That is why we offer a 100% FREE case evaluation to all of our daycare abuse clients. Furthermore, you don’t pay us unless you win your case!

Law enforcement personnel always look at the most logical suspect when they are presented with a crime. When children show up with signs of abuse, the most logical suspects are always the parents. Unfortunately, this makes some parents very wary of reporting what they believe to be daycare child abuse. No parent wants to be accused of being a child abuser and the specter of having a child protection agency come and take away your children is terrifying. You’re not being overly suspicious in this regard; it has happened before. It’s important, however, to document any incidence of daycare child abuse you discover, even if you only suspect it at the moment and don’t know that it’s happening for certain.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you show up at your doctor’s office and your child is full of bruises, there is, in fact, a chance that somebody is going to call a child protection agency about the matter. You may very well be interviewed by the agents. It’s important to go to the doctor, however. If your child is being abused in a daycare, you’re going to want evidence of it. The doctor can document the evidence and make certain that there is some established pattern of abuse if it turns out that daycare facility ends up in the sights of the authorities.

Talk to Other Parents

One way to calm your fears is to talk to other parents who have children at the facility. If there is abuse going on at the facility, the other parents may have their suspicions, as well. If you take the time to speak with them about the matter, they may reveal that they have suspected that something is going on for quite a while and were afraid to say something about it, as well. Reaching out to other parents is one of the best ways you can help yourself to feel less alone about reporting something you’re not sure of yet.

If criminal charges are leveled against the daycare facility, you may find yourself involved in the case or at least having to give a statement. The authorities will help you deal with this. After the fact, you may want to consider suing that facility.

The daycare abuse attorney can talk with you and help you to determine whether or not there was some sort of negligence involved on the daycare facilities part. Daycare child abuse affects far too many people every year and filing a lawsuit can help you and your family to recover from it.

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