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If every case of daycare abuse involved a child coming home with obvious bruises, none of these cases would go on for very long. Unfortunately, the signs of daycare abuse are oftentimes far more subtle than bruises, cuts or other injuries. You’ll have to learn to keep an eye out for certain signs that a child is being abused that can tip you off before the abuse gets even worse and before other children at the daycare become victims.

Emotional Issues

It’s not too surprising that children who are the victims of abuse in daycare oftentimes end up having significant emotional issues. After all, if you are being abused in your workplace, you would have psychological issues, as well. Children are no different than adults in this regard and they tend to vent the feelings that they’re suppressing in ways that they don’t realize. Watch out for emotional outbursts, fits of anger, disobedience and, in particular, fear when they are going off to the daycare facility. These are all signs that something may be very wrong.

Inappropriate Comments

One of the signs of sexual abuse is a child making inappropriate comments or touching other children inappropriately. This isn’t natural behavior for children and, if they seem like they are over sexualized there very well may be a reason behind it that’s rather disturbing. Keep an eye out for signs that your child may be in during exposure to a sexual abuser. These types of abusers are very good at making sure children don’t say anything and, because of that, you sometimes have to be extra alert.


Most parents do a great job of letting children know that they don’t have to keep secrets for anybody. This has become one of the most effective ways to fight back against abusers before they even get a chance to abuse anyone. Still, some abusers are very good at getting children to keep secrets. Children, however, oftentimes exhibit outward signs of inner turmoil quite obviously. If it seems like your child isn’t telling you something, make sure that you make every effort to let them know that it’s okay to tell you anything, particularly if they think something wrong is going on. Because some abusers get children to be quiet by threatening them, remember to remind your child that you will do anything and everything you have to keep them safe, no matter what.

If your child has been the victim of daycare abuse, contact a daycare abuse attorney about filing a lawsuit.

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