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In far too many cases, daycare abuse goes on for a long time without anyone noticing it. In retrospect, there are oftentimes signs that it was going on and parents, because they do have very strong instincts to protect their children, realize that they had been concerned for some time. There are some common ways that parents end up ignoring warning signs and, by watching out for them, you can ensure that abuse is discovered and stopped before it becomes chronic.

Psychological Signs

There are plenty of signs that can be construed as indications that a child may be being abused. However, what they all have in common is that they represent some divergence from a child’s normal behavior. They may become naughty or downright mean when they were formerly very laid-back children or they may become very timid when they were formerly bold and fun-loving. Watch out for sudden personality changes.

Physical Signs

One of the advantages you have when you’re looking for the signs of physical abuse on a child is that they are oftentimes exactly what you would expect to find on an adult. If your child is the victim of abuse in daycare , they will likely show the same kind of signs that anyone who has been roughed around will show. For example, they may have bruises around their elbows, upper arms and on their shoulders from being pushed and shoved by the staff. They also may have bruises on their buttocks from being spanked. Unfortunately, many abusers are very good at not leaving marks. Keep an eye out for sore joints and other injuries that may not show but that are the signs of trauma.


Most of the time, when a child is being abused at the daycare facility, they will naturally not want to go back to that facility. If your child starts acting out to a disturbing degree when you’re getting ready to take them to the facility, it’s cause to wonder what might be going on there. Most of the time, children will have some hesitation about being left at a daycare facility for the day, but they shouldn’t be absolutely terrified of it.

If your child has been the victim of daycare abuse, consider contacting a daycare abuse law firm to see if you can file a claim for damages. You may be able to recover significant financial compensation for what you and your child have been put through.

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