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Finding a good daycare facility requires that parents pay attention to how the staff his hired, how the building is laid out and the track record of the facility in taking care of children. There are some facilities out there that are very good and, generally, they will be well-known among other parents. One of the best ways to find a good facility is to ask other parents where they take their children and to see if that facility would work for you, as well.

Parental Recommendations

Some of the things you’ll want to ask other parents about a daycare facility go beyond how nice the staff is or how well they interact with the children. The daycare facility should have places where the children can play safely and, preferably, some space where they can get some physical activity in. The daycare facility should also have some educational resources available and have group activities that help older children to build social skills. Ask parents if they think that the daycare facility is a good resource for children, in addition to being a good one for parents.

Children’s Recommendations

Ask your child what they think of the facility after they’ve been there for a while. They may truly enjoy their time there and end up making a lot of new friends, which makes it even more worthwhile for them. They may also tell you that they do not enjoy it at all, in which case you may want to consider trying an alternative facility.


Take a look around the facility when you visit. Make sure it looks like it would be a fun place for a child to be. Daycare is always expensive, so there’s no reason that your child should be in a place that isn’t any fun at all.

You should also make sure that there are adequate facilities at the daycare. There should be, for instance, enough bathroom space, sinks and so forth to provide good hygiene at the daycare.

If your child has been the victim of daycare neglect or negligence, you may want to consider consulting with a daycare abuse law firm. You may be able to claim compensation in court and, if the jury finds in your favor, you may receive enough money to provide for better services for your child in the future, as well as receive compensation for your child’s pain and suffering because of the negligence.

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