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Daycare Abuse Lawyer in Michigan

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Whether it be physical, sexual, emotional or psychological, abuse takes a heavy toll on the human psyche; especially with young children. Many working families rely on daycare centers where their children can receive not only specialized attention, but also play and interact with children of their own age.

Unfortunately, some daycare facilities scattered across Michigan fail to adequately background check their employees or report incidents to the state licensing board, and some completely fail in their duty to keep children safe from physical or sexual abuse.

Individuals who abuse children don’t always look like your typical criminal. We have been conditioned to think of these individuals as “big bad wolves” that can be picked out from a crowd, thanks to popular media. However, the truth is that they look just like your friendly next door neighbor, which is why it comes as a shock to most people when these monsters are finally exposed.

The sad truth is that child abusers are often repeat offenders, and sometimes seek out employment at schools, churches, or daycares just to gain access to young children.

How to Spot Signs of Child Abuse

Abused children are often threatened with retaliation, additional harm, or exclusion if they tell anyone of the abuse they’ve experienced. Victims are often told that they themselves will get in big trouble if anyone finds out, which can make it difficult for them to confide in their parents.

The psychological manipulation that these kids undergo can last months or years, fostering a culture of silence, bolstering the actions and behavior of the abuser. As a parent, it is important to examine your child regularly for any signs of physical abuse, as well as talk to them to find out what really happens at the daycare center.

Children abused at daycare facilities in Michigan may appear shy, withdrawn, angry or depressed on account of the traumatic effects of this abuse. They may also not perform well in school, and may suffer night terrors as well as find it hard to open up to you about their teachers and experiences at day care.

ANY and ALL suspicions of child abuse occurring at a Michigan daycare facility should be immediately reported to the authorities, who will investigate and look to bring criminal charges. Additionally, you should speak to an attorney about your family’s legal options as well. Your family may very well be owed compensation.

Damages and Compensation

Some daycare centers, due to one reason or another, may hire someone who isn’t sufficiently qualified, or who has been arrested in the past for violent crimes, child abuse, or even sexual assault. Failing to run a thorough background check on any day care employee is outright negligence, and can open the facility up to liability should the victim’s family choose to file a civil claim.

The emotional and physical trauma any abused child has undergone will need to be treated, which can be an expensive affair in and of itself. To this end, you may want to consider bringing a daycare abuse claim in Michigan against the facility in order to recover compensation to help your family pay for any medical bills, lost wages, alternative childcare, as well as for future therapy and counseling (which can last years and is very costly for the average Michigan family).

Daycare abuse is a blight unto our society which must be stamped out. By pursuing a civil claim as well as a report with the authorities, you’ll be doing your part in keeping kids safe in the future. Given the fact that these individuals tend to be repeat offenders, your actions may put an end to abuse spanning years as well as affecting other children.

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