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It’s hard to imagine a more personal, vicious and unforgivable crime than attacking a person’s innocent child. Yet, that is what has been reportedly happening at the Discovery Day Care in Miami, according to Miami’s CBS Affiliate Channel 4 News.

The daycare center is now facing three lawsuits all for sexual daycare abuse. These crimes were said to have been committed in 2008 and were supposedly committed by the associate director’s relative, a 13 year old.

The descriptions of these crimes were sexually graphic and disturbing; the latest incident involved the 13 year old orally raping a four-year-old child. The second lawsuit issues similar complaints, although the prosecution believes its five-year-old victim was sexually assaulted ten different times at the daycare. These allegations were made against a repeat offender.

This daycare center quickly turned into a “house of horrors” for three innocent children who are now said to be traumatized by their experiences with the repeat offender. The daycare center accused of daycare abuse is still in business and accepting children into their facility.

What should you do if you believe your child has been abused?

If there is evidence of abuse or if you believe your child is suffering from daycare neglect then contact Rasansky Law Firm. Remember repeat offenders and pedophiles cannot simply choose to stop committing crimes. This is a cycle of violence that cannot change and these people should not be working in a daycare center. Now is the time to take action and protect your children and other children who may be staying at abusive daycare center.

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