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Child care providers understand the very nature of children lead them into situations that can lead to the risk of various degrees of injury. Children who exhibit behavioral issues that are difficult to manage are more likely to suffer injuries when compared to children that do not have those behavioral issues. These differences in children lead to the need for caregivers to adjust supervision in order to meet the needs of different children and thus avoid the risk of injury to children within the childcare setting. Failure to make these adjustments can lead to serious consequences.

Daycare Abuse Prevention
Daycare Abuse Prevention

Supervisory Adjustments

Certain attributes in children create the need for adjustments in the intensity of supervision by the caregiver. According to studies that have been conducted, the adjustments in caregiver supervision combined with an effective strategy are the keys to reducing the frequency of injuries that occur in daycare centers. Another cause of frequent injuries is the lapse of supervision that occurs when the child is not in clear sight. While this statement seems rather obvious, the reality is even when a caregiver is extremely conscientious there is always an increased risk for injury during any period of time when the child is out of view.

It makes no difference whether a caregiver falls into the classification of being highly-conscientious or not; the potential for injury is always higher when the child is out of the caregiver’s sight.  Efficient and close supervision is an important part of reducing the number of incidents that occur in a daycare center. Even though passive devices along with environmental safety precautions certainly play significant roles in protecting the children from injuries, they are still not as effective as making sure the child is in clear view of the daycare provider.

Defining Daycare/Child Care Abuse

What is daycare or childcare abuse? These terms refer to any physical or mental abuse a child suffers while he or she is in the physical custody and under the control of another person. In most cases, this is because the child’s parents are working or because of special educational opportunities or the special needs requirements of the child. The resulting abuse can take many different forms that may include any of the following:

  • One-time occurrence
  • Long-term abuse
  • Abuse that involves one specific child
  • The center has a system of policies and procedures that target a number of children

The real problem when it comes to abuse in a child care center is identification of the abuse. This occurs because children tend to lack the understanding and vocabulary that is necessary to express any problems or concerns about their treatment in the childcare environment. Parents are usually rather surprised when they find out there was abuse occurring in the daycare regardless of the source.

If you have reason to believe your child is being abused physically or emotionally in the day care center or by a child care provider, the first thing you want to do is determine whether your suspicions are correct. After you determine the allegations have a solid foundation, you can speak to one of our personal injury lawyers in order to determine what your next move should be. You can reach our firm either through the email form on the website, or by calling our office at 1-877-403-9378.

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