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Almost Home Daycare Abuse

The recent case of the day care that lost its license and closed just goes to show how important it is for both state agencies and parents to be on the lookout for signs of abuse in all daycare environments. Parents must also be willing to report any suspected cases of abuse in order to alert the licensing agency of its existence.

Recent Investigation

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) recently conducted an investigation into the Almost Home Daycare as a result of complaints about abuse and/or neglect. The investigation found that the owner of the day care was neglecting the children in her care, and as a result, the business lost its license and was forced to close.

DHSS provided no additional details about the investigation or what they revealed during the investigation. They said it was due to a state statute. The facility in question had been licensed since 1999.

Investigative Results

DHSS provided information from inspection and assessment records over the past four years which only showed some minor violations that included broken safety latches, hanging cords, and sharp edges on outdoor siding, but there was nothing that would have prevented recertification or required extensive and/or difficult repairs.

The license issued to Almost Home Daycare allowed it to provide care for 12 children between the age of eight months and four years old. According to records of the inspection, the daycare had seven children and two staff members as of June 2014.

After a complaint that accused the day care facility of abuse and neglect, the owner surrendered her license on October 17. At the time, there was no record of any criminal complaints on file with the Bangor police, but it is unknown whether any complaints have been filed since that time. The owner could appeal the DHSS decision, but it is unknown at this time whether she will choose to do so as no one could reach her for comment.

One of the parents who sent her child to the daycare provided the Bangor Daily News with a letter DHSS sent her on November 10, 2014 which stated that it had completed its investigation of the allegations. The letter advised the parent that the investigation revealed there were licensing rule violations, and that the parent’s child was entered in the record as a victim of abuse/neglect. It didn’t provide any details about the exact extent of the violations.

While this incident occurred in the state of Maine, it is a serious problem throughout the United States. If you believe your children are victims of abuse or neglect at a daycare facility, call us now at 1-877-403-9378. Our experienced day care abuse lawyers can help you determine the right course of action.

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